Accounting Internship Job Overview

 Learning Objectives 

• To understand the processes and procedures of general accounting functions 

• To acquire the skills necessary to perform and oversee general accounting functions including accounts payable, accounts receivable, journal entries, etc. 

• To understand the documentation and approval process for grant reporting 

• To obtain experience with professional correspondence office etiquette 

• To learn how to navigate and utilize QuickBooks, donor database software, and other electronic data capture systems 

• To enhance the understanding of Microsoft programs including Excel, Word, Outlook, and Teams in a business setting 

• To acquire the skills necessary to perform research of accounting issues, specifically non-profit and single audit related accounting issues 


Overview of Responsibilities & Expectation 

• Enter transactions in QuickBooks (bills, invoices, receipts, deposits, journal entries, etc.) 

• Reconcile bills to appropriate supporting documentation including approvals, invoices, receipts, and/or research patient visit records, as applicable 

• Organize and maintain paper and electronic files of invoices, checks, bank statements, etc. 

• Assist with preparation of Organization reporting and filing requirements including sales tax returns, annual report, IRS Form 990, etc. (as applicable during internship period) 

• Review expense reimbursements and other purchases for accuracy and compliance with policies & procedures 

• Follow up on past due receivables 

• Reconcile or assist in reconciling bank statements, credit card statements, and subsidiary ledgers (including prepaid expenses, deferred revenue, fixed assets, depreciation schedules, accrued expenses, notes payable, etc.) 

• Assist with preparation of and entering of overhead allocation adjustments 

• Prepare and analyze budget to actual reports 

• Prepare documentation for grant reporting requirements 

• Document processes and controls 

• Identify weaknesses and recommendations to improve processes and controls 


Time Commitment (Days/Hours) 

• Flexible, minimum of 12 hours per week; prefer two days in office (6+ hours per day). 

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