Clinical Research Internship Job Overview

 Research Laboratory Learning Objectives 

• To acquire the skills necessary to perform research at an FDA regulated environment 

• To acquire the skills to maintain a Cleanroom compliant according to USP 797 

• To gain a basic understanding of Stem Cell Cryopreservation, Stem Cell culture, Flow Cytometry, Multiplex (ELISA) and Fluorescent Inverted Microscopy 

• To assist with ongoing research projects in the laboratory 

• To understand Good Clinical Practices and how to maintain compliance 

• To learn HIPAA Compliant patient care practice 

• To understand the processes and procedures of clinical research in an orthopedic setting 

• To acquire the skills necessary to perform and oversee proper informed consent process 

• To understand the documentation process before, during, and after a clinical research trial 

• To obtain patient care experience 

• To learn how to navigate and utilize electronic data capture systems 

• To enhance skills related to patient care and interactions 


General Learning Objectives 

• To gain experience working in a professional healthcare laboratory setting 

• To obtain or enhance sports medicine knowledge 

• To enhance the understanding of Microsoft Excel, Word, and Power Point 


Overview of Responsibilities & Expectations 

• Assist Clinical Research Coordinators (CRC) in any procedures or patient visits as needed 

• Assist CRC in scheduling patient visits 

• Gather patient adverse events and concomitant medications at each visit 

• Administering patient questionnaires 

• Assist CRC in informed consent process 

• Support CRC in obtaining progress notes by scribing the patient visits 

• Enter patient visit data into electronic data capture system 

• File and fax study records as necessary 

• Support Director of Quality during sample analysis 

• Interact professionally and respectfully with research participants, upholding participant privacy and ethics in accordance with IRB and HIPAA regulations 

• Perform literature searches needed for new project development and manuscript preparation 


Time Commitment (Days/Hours) 

• Recommended 2 consistent days per week for 6-7 hours each day. 

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