Health Care Administration Internship Education/Graduate Medical Education – Sports Medicine Job Overview

 Educational Learning Objectives 

• To understand the accreditation requirements to host educational courses and continuing education content (including home study courses) 

• To acquire the skills necessary to develop and implement a continuing education learning course/conference 

• To obtain experience developing course content learning objectives and descriptions for sport medicine topics 

• To obtain experience creating content for marketing with social media and mailers 

• To learn how to obtain commercial support/exhibitors for live conferences 

• To learn what information is needed to publish a home study continuing education course on a learning management system 


Graduate Medical Education (GME) Learning Objectives 

• To understand Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) accreditation requirements and how to maintain compliance 

• To learn Human Resources functions related to fellow onboarding and offboarding 

• To enhance skills related to event planning and management 


Administrative Learning Objectives 

• To gain exposure to growth and development related to general Healthcare Administration 

• To understand and learn about multi-department budgets 

• To acquire knowledge required to run efficient, successful meetings 

• Exposure to entry-level Human Resources functions 


General Learning Objectives 

• To gain experience working in a professional healthcare setting 

• To obtain or enhance sports medicine knowledge 

• To enhance the understanding of Microsoft Excel, Word, and Power Point 

• To gain exposure to Project Management 


Educational Overview of Responsibilities & Expectations 

• Assist Education Manager (“EM”) in developing descriptions/objectives and quiz questions for continuing education content 

• Assist EM with daily documentation for conferences and courses 

• Gather potential user data to market upcoming live and home study courses 

• Review course content before publishing and adding to learning management platform 

• Support EM with live conferences and gathering supporting content documents as needed 

• Assist EM with securing commercial support/exhibitors for upcoming education conferences 

• File and fax course documents as necessary 

• Assist with surgical skills lab administration tasks 


GME Overview of Responsibilities & Expectations 

• Assist GME Director with various ACGME compliance tasks, which may include drafting correspondence and exploring available trainings/education 

• Assist GME Director with program growth and strategy, which may include benchmarking similar programs 

• Assist GME Director with program social media and marketing 

• Assist GME Director with event and meeting planning o Assist GME Director with planning professional development sessions 

o Assist GME Director with interview season preparation and organization 

o Assist GME Director with GMEC meeting preparation 

• Assist GME Director with fellow and faculty correspondence 

• Monitor and enter monthly hours worked submitted by the fellows and review for any violations 


Time Commitment (Days/Hours) 

• Recommended 2 consistent days per week for 6-7 hours each day. 

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