Marketing Internship Job Overview

Marketing Learning Objectives 

•Gain exposure to marketing on social media platforms in a professional setting, including, but not limited to,Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn

•Gain experience with email communication through working with Constant Contact

•Gain experience with graphic design/marketing platforms such as Canva, Hootsuite and more

•Use creative freedom within a professional setting to develop various marketing images and social mediacontent

•Implement marketing strategies that align with AREF business model

•Create and update business website while working with WordPress

General Learning Objectives 

•Gain experience working in a professional healthcare setting

•Obtain or enhance sports medicine knowledge

•Enhance understanding of Microsoft Excel, Word, and Power Point

•Gain exposure to Project Management

•Gain experience using Adobe Premiere Pro, Mac programs, and other marketing tools

Overview of Responsibilities & Expectation 

•Create social media posts by working with department leaders to obtain content and posting approval

•Schedule approved social media posts on various platforms

•Assist with website content updates and design for both AREF and Eagle Fund websites

•Develop and implement a quarterly newsletter

•Assist and edit video clips for various events and social mediaoDepartment highlights

oTraining videos

oEducational content

•Assist department leaders with creating marketing strategies for each department’s specific needs; for example-education events/conferences

Time Commitment (Days/Hours) 

•Recommended 2 consistent days per week for 6-7 hours each day

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