Andrews Research is an innovative, dynamic team designed to develop technologies across orthopaedic biological enhancements, foster creativity and development through surgical skills training, and complete preventative analyses via biomechanics to further advance our priority of the Andrews’ patient care experience.

Regenerative Medicine Center

The Andrews Regenerative Medicine Center was designed and built to pioneer the translation of regenerative medicine treatments from early clinical and animal studies to evidence based patient care.

Biomechanics Lab

The biomechanics lab is made up of the following divisions: applied research; musculoskeletal mechanics; and exercise physiology and kinesiology. Each division is used in conjunction to formulate personalized rehabilitation protocols, return to play considerations, and encourage proper body mechanics.

Surgical Skills Lab

The Andrews Research & Education Foundation (AREF) Surgical Skills Lab provides space and services for physicians and medical professionals to experience hands-on training in the latest surgical techniques and orthopaedic devices.

Clinical Trials

More than a center for excellence, the Andrews Research & Education Foundation (AREF) brings together the highest level of sports medicine researchers and medical professionals.

Want to get involved?

AREF currently hosts internships in research, surgical skills (cadaver) lab, regenerative medicine, accounting, healthcare administration, and marketing.